Your SecOps Team

When you’re running a hyper-growth startup, your success stems from your ability to expand an ever-growing bench of people that you can delegate things to. But you can’t do that if those delegates are cost-prohibitive or too granular in their skill sets.

Unfortunately, the cybersecurity industry is NOTORIOUS for this. Security pros are all good at different things, so before you know it, you’ll need to hire a CISO Compliance Manager, a Security analyst, a Privacy Manager, a GRC Specialist.

But your company doesn’t need an in-house team, because you’ve got Amalz!


Why Amalz?

We build & manage cybersecurity programs for startups with our subscription-based security teams. We can lead your entire security/compliance/privacy strategy, help y’all achieve a nifty security accreditation (i.e. SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc), and close even MORE business using cybersecurity as a brand builder instead of a cost center.


We live and breath startups and understand their unique needs.

Custom Solutions

There is no such thing as one size fits all. We custom tailor each solution to best fit the customer.

SOC 2 Status

Our customers easily achieve and maintain SOC 2 status (or any other important stat callout)

Are you Ready to get started?

We build world-class security programs for scaleups looking to increase revenue and grow their brands. The only question is, will the next company we grow be yours?